Free Pass Benefit

Our museum gives this benefit to the municipal schools who can’t afford a visit to the museum. Almost 15.000 children enjoy of our amazing collection every year.

Free Passes Benefit Form:

Download this form, read it carefully, sign and send it to the next emails, or to

Protocol For The People Who Visit Our Museum:

Museo de Colchagua is an institution that looks after of a big amount of historical objects which are cultural heritage so because all of this, the museum requests to the visitors their collaboration in some basic rules of conservation and behaves:

  1. Don’t take photos and/or record videos inside of the museum.
  2. Don’t take any object of the museum exhibition.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to get in any of the vehicles, carriages or any machine of the exhibition.
  4. Not to rely on objects, displays or museographic elements of the exhibition room of the museum.
  5. Not to Yell or run inside of the museum, because of the risk for the displays and objects which are shown.
  6. Don’t enter with food or drinks.
  7. It is not allowed to get into the exhibition carrying bags of backpacks; it must be left in the ticket store of the museum. If you are carrying some important object, you have to say that for ensure your objects.
  8. Pets are not allowed.
  9. in case of a electricity cut, is pretty much important to stay relaxed and hold on wherever you would be in that moment while the energy come back; the museum has electric issues so the energy will be restored in just a couple of minutes, if it were necessary, the museum staff will enable emergency exits.

We appreciate your cooperation and wish you a nice and successful stay in our institution.