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Our museum was inaugurated in 1995 and it belongs to the “Foundation Cardoen”, and entity without profit purposes, created by Carlos Cardoen Cornejo, with the purpose of research, preserve, conserve and spread our cultural heritage.

A diverse thematic of objects in exhibition surprises to the visitors because its historical transcendence, placing them in the context of changes and evolutive process occurred over time. Without a doubt a “straight trip to our origins”.

Mr. Carlos Cardoen

Colchagua’s museum is the result of my interest for sharing with the society the objects and the knowledge acquired trough my life about amazing topics of our origins as humans, south- Americans and Chileans.

All started, when been an executive of an international company, i had to stay in stages of my life in Peru, Mexico, Ecuador y Bolivia; countries that were the nest of the pre-Hispanic cultures. I used my free time studying the culture of those countries and visiting different places along south- America; unexpectedly i found a world of beauty and knowledge that i did not see before. And that was the way I was gaining admiration, respect for all this civilizations and i started to collect objects.

The further development of my own business in Europe and North America, allowed me to have contact with collections of prehispanic pieces previously purchased by diplomats and collectors, which they had brought from South America to their respective countries.

Another determinant element in the task of the collections and then the museum was the anxiety that produce me the lack of identity in most of the Chileans. We have an island spirit that admires the foreign but don’t appreciate what their have in their own country and we can see how our youth is highly affected

for this acquiring different expression from every foreign country. However, in our schools Mapudungun is not taught and any other originary language.

As the president of the friend society of Isla de Pascua, many years ago we had the responsibility to get governmental authorization for teaching again the Rapa- Nui language in the island.

Is necessary to criticize the old educational politics and the new ones to discover that we need to appreciate our origins and national identity ; i think it is a work of all the Chilean people and not just of the government is because of that i decided to share this passion and collective orientation with all the people.

Here goes the museum of Colchagua.

Carlos Cardoen Cornejo Ph.D